So, much to the surprise of the hosts, yesterday's meet and greet pre-show soirée at Speakeasy, show at the Bluebird, and seemingly impromptu after party at Shag were a blaring success. I have to say, it was one of the only times that I went to a show without having ever heard of the act, had a close friend grab me by the shoulder, say "trust me, this shit's gonna be so fucking _________(insert adjective signifying a feeling exceptional positivity)" and walked out thinking they were absolutely right. Now, understandably so, one could speculate that Hollywood Holt (from Chicago) and Million $ Mano (also not so ironically from Chicago) have combined to create a sound one seems to have heard before, perhaps many times before. I would say, at first, this notion would be true, but if their undeniably radical stage presence and bad word humor aren't enough, a truly dazzling repertoire composed of sharp and culturally critical words combined with all mentioned previously really make these two everlasting.

So I guess, basically, what I'm getting at is, it was the most fun I've had on a Monday night in a serious while. I suppose I should also blame my fantastic time on the always prime company of the Speakeasy duo and other such homies. Thanks guys, another great night in our city. Oh, and I was asked to maybe or maybe not shoot a few photos at the pre party at Speakeasy, which, I did. Here are a few, the rest may or may not be on the Avenue Animal blog.

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