living space

living space from Tara Chacon on Vimeo.

ds final. september 2010.


my friends

my band.
Nasir, me, Tyler. August, 2010.



Another personal statement | Rough Edit

Tara Chacón | Love is a Place from Tara Chacon on Vimeo.

I made this for a class. Just another non-linear compliation of random* hd footage.

Shot by me in 2010 with my 5D Mark II.

This is the first recording I have ever made of myself singing.

TWO strings broke on my guitar during the making of the recording, so I changed the key of the song to C major and made up chords from there.

Vox: me
Guitar: me
Song: Love is a Place | Metric

*and by random, i mean take no note of the people featured. they are just there, as they were when i shot them. it is arbitrary. thoughts in passing, moments good enough to remember. we're all just glimpses anyway...


Young America








If I were a song, I'd play to this

I seem to be into greyscale lately. Why? I don't know, but I can speculate:

Lately I've been drawn to timeless images. Styling, lighting, and modeling are the most telling elements of the image's place in time, but greyscale seems to lend this sort of pseudo-classic dimension-- it gives this inarguable sense of visual credibility-- ya know, like a period at the end of a sentence instead of an ellipses.

This particular Saturday, we went for a bike ride down to the Platte. Craving a bike ride in early spring is like wanting water after a night of heavy drinking; this insatiable urge that, when satisfied, leaves you with the most distinct promise of months to come, reminding you at once that the worst is over, and the grass will soon turn green again, and night will fall much later, and you should remember to buy scissors next time you're out because you own too many pairs of pants and you'll soon need some decent shorts.

Trevor, I'll see you in New York

Denver, 2010.


four years past

san francisco, the mission, august 2006.

colorado summer

steamboat springs, king solomon falls, 4th of July, 2010


Young America | Abbie

June 2010

we see the world from these four seats

little precious friends cloaked in the depth of the a late spring night seek sights and sounds
and technicolor dreams. we get around, in our disco whip, pinwheel-clad, arriving in style.